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Fantastic and super playable coin-op style action in this fast and furious cute platform romp! Join forces with a friend or go it alone with your little green duck and defeat the bad guys single handed. With heaps of bonuses and player-rewards, a myriad of special features and much more besides, Qwak is probably the most playable Amiga game ever!


  • 1 player or simultaneous 2 player action.
  • Huge number of game levels spanning 8 worlds.
  • Huge array of special in game features.
  • constantly changing music (10 in game tunes).
  • 50Hz Frame update for super smooth action.
  • Huge variety of pick-ups, power-ups etc.
  • Excellent difficulty curve.
  • Written exclusively for the Amiga.
  • Joystick or keyboard operation.