Combat Lynx

Combat Lynx (Alternative)

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You will have 4 bases which you must support with troops and air cover. Base 1 has an endless supply of fuel and weapons, and the ability to instantly revitalise injured troops brought back from other bases. All the bases start with 30 fully equipped soldiers. You provide the only allied air support. Enemy land vehicles will slowly converge on your bases unless stopped by mines that you have dropped, or by the other weapons of your COMBAT LYNX helicopter. You may attack any aircraft that you see, and all targets that appear on the intelligence map. Your bases may get instantly wiped out in direct attacks by enemy tanks, or just suffer a number of casualties as the result of passing or minor attacks. If you lose Base 1 you will be deprived of fuel and weapon supplies and the game will come to a fairly rapid and unpleasant conclusion. Houses and trees should not be used as targets.Instructions included. OPERATES ON BBC ON ONE SIDE OF THE CASSETTE AND ELECTRON ON THE OTHER.


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