Shockwave Assault

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The assault has begun

A vast armada of Alien warships unleash a deadly assault on the Earth. Taken by surprise, Earth's forces are crushed and only a small squadron of experimental fighters remain. The only chance for survival lies with you and a band of crack fighter pilots. Counterattacking from the orbital space carrier OMAHA, use all of your piloting skills to drive the alien invaders out of earth's cities, past JumpGate from which they came.

Key Features:

  • Runs in Windows 95 native mode.
  • Autoplay - automatically plays when CD is inserted.
  • Easy-to-use interface lets you get right in and go!
  • Photo-realistic real-world locations and landscapes.
  • 50 minutes of Hollywood-style video captivates you in the shockwave drama.
  • Stunning 3D landscapes; slice down valleys, through mountains and between skyscrapers.
  • Over 15 exciting missions based on real aerial photographs.


windows 95

486MHz or faster Pentium CPU


10MB free hard disk space.