A View To A Kill (Bug Byte)

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3 exciting games on 1 cassette.* THE PARIS CHASE - Bond gives chase to the assassin May Day, who leaps from the top of the Eiffel Tower, and glides across Paris by parachute. Commandeering a taxi, Bond careers around the streets of Paris in an effort to catch May Day as she lands. In a stunning combination of 3D graphics and plan view, we recreate the inside of Bond's taxi for the player to attempt this hazardous journey. Chased by Police and avoiding other dangerous drivers, Bond shoots and steers himself in and out of trouble in spectacular fashion.

* THE CITY HALL ESCAPE - Extricating himself from the lift, Bond dashes from room to room to find a means of rescuing Stacey. In this simulation of this scene, the player moves Bond around 75 different 3D rooms using the objects he finds to help him in his effort, with the fire spreading around him and time running out.

* THE SILICON VALLEY MINE - Bond races around the mine with a maze of different levels in this version of this nerve jangling finale, attempting to use the various objects, lifts and secret codes he finds to defuse the bomb. Will May Day turn against her evil boss to winch Bond down the shaft and remove the nuclear detonator? Will he beat the clock, or will the Pacific fish meet Silicon Valley's chips?

Instructions on inlay of card


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Bug Byte