Acecombat 3

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In a future closer than you can imagine the current government system has collapsed giving way to the new corporate regime. In this new world there are two enterprises that control the balance of power.General Resource Ltd, a multinational company with huge capital and support from the military industry. Neucom Inc. which has the ultimate technology, being funded by the information and telecommunication industry. There was always tension between the two companies.General Resource has just recently conducted military manoeuvres in an attempt to contain Neucom. Neucom has retaliated and this has triggered a small conflict between the two companies. Your mission is to subdue the conflict with the help of Erich, Fiona and Rena, your comrades in the UPEO, gaining fighting experience and gradually winning the confidence of your fellow pilots in the process. As the story unfolds, you will uncover a conspiracy that causes you to doubt who's side you support. You must make a choice. Make sure it's the right one!!!