Dragon's Lair 3D Special Edition

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As Dirk the Daring, a brave yet bumbling knight, you have sworn to storm the castle of the evil wizard Mordroc and save Princess Daphiel. Only razer-sharp reflexes and tremendous feats of daring will ensure triumph - but will you risk unleashing the deadly secret that lurks in the heart of the dragon's lair?

From deep within the enchanted castle, a captive princess calls for a courageous knight to rescue her from the keep of a foul dragon...

  • An all new Dragons Lair adventure now with true control over Dirk the Daring.
  • Defeat Singe the Dragon, the wily wizard Mordroc and scores of his Monstrous minions like Fire Drakes and Giddy Goons.
  • Survive over 250 treacherous chambers loaded with devious traps, wicked puzzles and beastly surprises.
  • Feed off the Dragon Essences and become Indestructible, float through the air or see through walls.
  • Take full control over Dirk, his trusty sword or his deadly crossbow.
  • In-game movies by acclaimed animation director, Don Bluth.