Soulcalibur III (PLATINUM)

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Demolish your opponent with the Soul Calibur III Sony PlayStation 2 video game. Featuring a variety of game modes and fighting styles, this fighting game gives you an action-packed gameplay. Besides with Tales of Souls mode, head-to-head and Standard mode, this Sony PlayStation 2 video game proves to be versatile. Additionally, Soul Calibur III also allows you to create your own character by choosing the sex, occupation, look, and weapon. Packed with three new characters including Zasalamel, Tira and Setsuka, this fighting game gives you an enjoyable gameplay. From Germany to Greece, this game boasts a variety of great backdrops. Moreover, this Sony PlayStation 2 video game features 25 characters, thereby giving you the option of choosing the best fighter.

Backcover is written in german but games and instructions are in english. includes instructions. PLATINUM EDITION.