Smackdown Vs Raw 2010

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It's your world now.

Create and customise your WWE experience and share it with the WWE universe online.

Creative tools:

  • Story designer - Create your own storylines. Chooe Superstars, cutscenes, match-ups and camera angles. Your script, your rules.
  • Enhanced Create-a-Superstar - Created superstars are more realistic than ever. Create original tattoos, logos and designs with the new paint tool.
  • Superstar Threads - Create alternitive ring gear for your favourite superstars.
  • Upgraded Create-a-finish - Create your own high-flying finishing moves from the top rope.

Additional Features

  • Royal Rumble - Redesigned match includes new elimination mini-games.
  • New Road to Wrestlemania storylines - Including Create-a-superstar and Diva Storylines.
  • Rivals - Choose your friends and foes with in-match implications.
  • New match types, locker room brawl areas and more.