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After many years of service, our old faithful website has been sent the retirement farm where it can enjoy a good rest. The good news is that the reigns have been handed over to our new shiny website with lots of brand new bells and whistles that we will be implementing over the coming months. Take a look around and we would love to get your feedback.


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you should rename your site "outofstockgamingworld".never again have i seen all the items that i've searched for to be out of stock.ALL OF THEM.
the only thing you will see here,one sentence,three words:
out of stock.out of stock.out of stock.out of stock.out of stock.out of stock.out of stock.out of stock.out of stock.out of stock.OUT OF STOCK.
Would be great if when logged in it remembers your last wishlist. Then you could notify us if they come in to stock.
First time here and the site looks good. Agree with above statement to filter out of stock products but not too much of a hassle if you're looking at one console only
Good improvement, I do agree with the above statement aswell. The biggest problem with the older website was the page not loading once you had put a product in the cart but still wanted to browse. Hopefully this has been fixed. Overall 8/10 for design and ease of use.
Website is an improvement. Only complaint is that you NEED to be able to filter (or easily see) which items are OUT OF STOCK. It's a pain clicking through each system to see what is and isn't in stock and I'm eventually put off.
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