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Selling or trading your items to Retro Gaming World couldn’t be easier. Simply email us a list of what you have for sale or trade. We’ll then email your list back with individual prices for each item. These prices will be reduced if you prefer to sell for cash. On bigger lists we’ll usually total up both the cash and exchange prices for you.

We accept games for most retro formats, including all consoles. We will accept both boxed or unboxed cartridge games and computers and consoles.

The prices we offer depend on the condition and rarity of your items. We often pay more for items we don’t currently have in stock.

Once a total is agreed, there are several options for getting to us. Most commonly, people parcel up their items, and send them off to us. We either then send a cheque as soon as the parcel arrives, or if preferable, can pay you directly with paypal.

Fill in the form below to send us the details of your retro collection.

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